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Our Design Ethos

Our skilled team design and build websites that integrate well with dynamic content and applications. The focus is on producing attractive yet practical and user friendly designs that are accessible and comply with W3C standards, perform well in the search engines and work across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Impakt Media take W3C compliance and accessibility seriously. All of our websites are built to at least a basic level of W3C compliance as standard, unless requested otherwise, and we have a team dedicated to keeping up to date with W3C issues. Our specialist team are also able to carry out extensive website compliance testing procedures, and reports can be produced to document W3C compliance / non-compliance.



We work to your budget.

We use the best available technology to create your web presence, we’re not tied down to specific systems that we try to force every project to fit and we won’t try to sell you expensive bespoke solutions that simply reinvent the wheel when a cheaper alternative exists that does what you need it to do.

To achieve this we use open source software, which combines both low cost and exceptional quality. These solutions are amongst the most widely used website platforms on the internet. These platforms aren’t restrictive, they support a vast ecosystem of extensions to fulfil specific needs to do with marketing, ecommerce, communities and so on.

They also mean you’re not locked into us as a provider, these solutions are available to any developer or host in the world so you won’t lose your assets if you ever feel the need to move on.

Below are examples of some of the tools we use:



Wordpress is the most popular website platform on the internet, and is great for small sites, personal sites or project sites, although it gives plenty of room to grow from small beginnings so you won’t be tying yourself down to a limited platform. The core of the system is a journal interface, but it can be used as a traditional website platform too – this website is running on WordPress.

It is supported by thousands of commercial and free extensions to add capabilities to the system from simple data capture forms to entire ecommerce solutions.



The DNN website platform is the most popular open source platform based on Microsoft technologies and powers millions of websites globally. It’s more suited to the traditional website format, corporate portals or other large organisations and features a flexible user and role system that allows team of editors to be effectively managed.

Integration with other Microsoft technologies and its own ecosystem of free and commercially developed extensions make it ideal for use by organisations that already have an investment in Microsoft products.



Magento is the number one ecommerce solution on the web, powering a huge number of sites. It’s known for its flexible cataloguing system that allows for almost any permutation of product classifications and attributes.

Additionally Magento will integrate with most major accounting and product fulfilment solutions, so it makes a great way to start a business that will grow, or integrate into an existing set of systems.

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