Online Marketing

Search Marketing

Search engine placement, where your site appears in search engine results and for what search terms, can be a key contributor in driving traffic to your site. Establishing a website in a high position in Google’s search results provides a steady flow of traffic of potential customers who are searching for what you offer. Impakt Media has overseen numerous campaigns for websites in a wide variety of competitive niches, pushing sites up the search results and acquiring organic traffic actively searching for our client’s products and services.

In addition this, leveraging Google local is now a key part of many search marketing activities. If your business provides a service that google serves local results for then it’s key to ensure your website is optimised for local data and your online profile does everything possible to make it an attractive proposition for the local search results.


Search Advertising

Search marketing can be a long process and establishing a clear ROI can be difficult. Buying advertising provides a direct measurable process through which customer behaviour and sales can be tracked.

It’s vital when committing an advertising budget to know exactly what you want that money to achieve, and an Impakt Media led advertising campaign helps craft your site from the very beginning to be focused around achieving goals that are specifically beneficial for your business, and setting up tracking to ensure any advertising spend is clearly measured and its value assessed.


Social Media

Engaging with customers in a more relaxed social way is now easier than ever over the web with popular social networks like Facebook being taken on board by a wider and more mature audience. This isn’t right for every business, but if you love your products or services, love talking about them and engaging with people then this can be a very fruitful source of business.

Quantifying the results of social media can be even harder than with paid advertising. We make a point of ensuring our customers know how to get the best from their social media activities, and our analysis services can establish what is working for you and what isn’t.



Almost forgotten by many people after the advent of social media, email is still the backbone of a huge amount of internet marketing and establishing and maintaining an active and interested email list provides a constant resources for a business that can be tapped time and time again.

We can provide the tools that allow you to build and maintain an email list from your website, and through our analysis services track their behaviour on your site in response to your emails. In addition we can give you advice on how to craft an engaging email campaign that has people coming back for more, and actually waiting for your emails with anticipation.

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